Episode 223: Six Bigfoot Plus

This podcast is blurry, and that’s extra scary to you! Thanks to the Super True Stories podcast, we celebrate...

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Episode 222: Love Kills….Then It Dismantles You

Love…it’s deadly. Wonderful, but deadly. It’s an episode about the dangers of falling in love, featuring tracks from THE...

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Episode 221: Women In Horror Month 2018

In celebration of Women In Horror Month 2018, it’s an episode full of female-powered tracks to brighten your day while darkening...

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Episode 220: Bomb Cyclone Surf

Surf’s up, even when the temperature is 13-below. It’s an all surf episode, featuring tracks from THE PHANTOM OPERATORS,...

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Episode 219: The Best Of The Rest Of 2017

It’s time to say ‘Rest In Peace’ to 2017, but not before celebrating some of the best music that...

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Episode 218: …Or To Be Nice?

Happy Holidays! After the Naughty, it’s the Nice’s turn to celebrate this wonderful time of the year. Get into...

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Episode 217: To Be Naughty…?

Bah Humbug! During this time of year, it’s so tempting to be naughty…so here’s an episode with naughty music...

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Episode 216: One More Night Pierced By Many Colors

Lights…give me some Christmas lights! Here’s a whole eyeful of colorful glittering sparklers, as we have some hued tunes...

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Episode 215: Zombie Potluck…And The Vampire Brought Pie

Save your fork…there’s pie! Unwrap the foil and take a bite, because this episode is full of some delicious...

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Six Foot Plus is a music podcast, showcasing such underground genres like horror punk, psychobilly, demented surf music, garage rock, sinister synth and whatever else we happen to dig up!

 Since 2011, Six Foot Plus has broadcast from a remote corner of the Front Office of Gravediggers Local 16, uncovering music for the kind of fiend who likes it spooky. In addition to creepy tunes, Six Foot Plus has featured reviews, interviews, horror movie discussions, bad monster jokes and more.